Where did you complete medical school, internship, residency, fellowship? 

RN: Lincoln University, Jefferson City, MO

BSN: Central Methodist University, Fayette, MO

Wound Certification Program: Metropolitan State University,
Minneapolis, MN    


Any other notable training we should mention? 

Wound internship at Golden Valley Medical Center, Clinton, MO

Mentored many medical, nursing students, and interned one Wound Nurse. Provided in-services and public speaker for Wound Care and related topics. Diabetic educator and diabetes support group leader.


Any particular areas of clinical interest? 

Chronic wound care, diabetic foot care, and patient teaching.


What made you want to become a Wound Care Specialist? 

As an RN on the Orthopedics/Surgical Unit I helped the Wound Nurse with wound care. The first patient that “grabbed me” was a huge pressure ulcer, so large that you could see the hip joint (ball & socket) articulate when the patient moved… I thought it was awesome to see parts of the anatomy that most nurses don’t see. 


What do you love about practicing medicine? 

I love hands-on care and being able to positively impact a person’s life and enjoy celebrating with the patient as their wound heals.


What do you wish you could tell every patient (and they would actually do) and why?

Don’t smoke and drink plenty of water.


Fun fact about you?

I’m a wound whisperer.

I was a cosmetologist/Esthetician for 26 years before becoming a nurse. I thought I was born to it, but as it turns out I was actually being called to be a wound nurse.

What do you enjoy doing when not at work? 

I enjoy life, having fun, my new puppy (Arlo), cooking, and crafts… I still enjoy cutting hair.


Certified Wound Care Specialist 


"Peggy Earl is not only a very experienced and skilled wound care nurse, but she is the next step up.


Peggy is a wound whisperer.


I’ve watched her take the toughest wound and turn it into healthy tissue. She deals effectively with a multitude of skin issues, from warts to nail care. And if you’re looking for someone with personality, look no further. Peggy has patients who didn’t want to be discharged from care because, although they were healed, they didn’t want to miss the fun of visits with her! You’ll have a wonderful and productive time working with Peggy."

- Dr. Sue

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